Dawn captures Cyndaquil00:38

Dawn captures Cyndaquil

Dawn captures Cyndaquil




Cyndaquil is a fire type pokemon which is one of the three pokemon you can choose to start with, it has a fire burning at the end of it's tail. It's fur is bluish on top but it has a cream stomach, it's other name is the fire mosue pokemon (because it's so small). Because it's still young it's eyes are normally closed, on it's back are red spots which the fire erupts from, it has no claws on it's forelimbs but has a single claw on each foot.

Move SetEdit

In the table underneath in Cyndaquils move set:

Lv Attack Name Type Catagorey Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy Effect
- Tackle Normal Physical 50 18(1.2) - 100% -
- Leer Normal Other - 18 360 100% -
6 Smokescreen Normal Other - 36 - 100% -
10 Ember Fire Special 40 18 - 100% 10%
13 Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 14(1.06) - 100% -
19 Flame Wheel Fire Physical 60 18 - 100% 10%

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